Friary Mill Bakery Wins 1st Prize at Regional Bakery Awards

On Sunday 15th October, Friary Mill Bakery, took part in the Bakery Championships held at Bako Western in Cullompton, competing against different bakery companies such as Warrens Bakery, Bath Bridge Bakery and Patisserie Mark Bennett in the West of England.

Our production manager Justin Johnson, along with our bakery manager Derrick Page and baker Charlie Cornish spent the morning baking different products to take up to the competition. Each year our amazing staff compete in the competition and with this being the busiest year yet, they were surprised to come out with so many first prize awards.

We won:
1. 1st Prize for a Celebration Cake
Used in our famous Friary Mill Christmas fruit log cake. On awarding our prize, the judge said it was ‘the best fruit cake in the world’

2. 1st Prize for a D Shaped Pasties (for 3 years in a row)

3. 1st Prize for a White Tin Loaf (2 years in a row)

4. 1st Prize for a Dundee Cake

5. 1st Prize for a Saffron Cake

6. 1st Prize for Bread Rolls (2 years in a row)

7. Best in the class for Danish Pastries

8. Best in the class for Multi seed Loaf (2 years in a row)

With 5 of these products they won awards for being products made every day within our business, it’s such a great achievement to have won awards for these in particular. We strive to ensure we deliver a high quality standard to our customers, and with results like this, we know we are keeping up our high standards.