Freshly Baked Hot Cross Buns

Our Hot Cross Buns are back for Spring!

Who loves a hot cross bun? A spiced sweet bun packed with sultanas and marked with a cross. What’s not to love?!

Our hot cross buns are hand made by our bakers every morning, packed and sent to our ten retail shops and three retail vans. They are available at all of our retail outlets and sell out extremely fast! We have stock in our shops on the shelves, however you can pre order packs of hot cross buns for a next day collection or for any future dates. Perhaps you are having an Easter get together with family or friends? Or are hosting an Easter Party? Our delicious freshly baked hot cross buns are the perfect treat to give out to your guests. Pop them in the toaster or grill and the smell will empower your whole house! Order your pack of 4 today for just £1.40.

Friary Mill Bakery strive to ensure our products meet all of our customer’s standards. We appreciate that not all people enjoy a fruit bun! Especially our younger customers. So, with this in mind, we are currently working a new hot cross bun recipe. Who likes the sound of a hot choc bun?! A spiced bun still but rather than it being packed with fruit, we will replace this with delicious chocolate chips!  We’ve made a few batches to sample already and the progress is going well. So hopefully we will be able to launch these very soon! We hope you’re all as excited as we are!

We will have our Easter Range of cupcakes, tray bakes, doughnuts and savoury items launching very soon. So stay tuned for more information!

Are you one of our wholesale customers? 
We’ve emailed you (if we have your email address) some more information on the launch of our hot cross buns to you guys. Give us a call or email to arrange adding these products to your original standing orders! Call us on 01752 255113 Monday to Friday 8am-2:45pm.