Bringing Paradise to Plymouth!

Guess who’s back!


Friary Mill Bakery Paradise Slice

All this fabulous sunshine we’re getting here in Plymouth has made us at Friary Mill very excited for Summer. What about you? We’re all dreaming of being on a tropical island, laying on a beautiful beach looking out onto a clear blue sea. #Paradise! So what better product to bring back than our amazing Paradise Slice?! A pastry base covered with jam, a light sponge cake infused with coconut, topped with a white fondant icing with desiccated coconut. This cake is the perfect treat to get your taste buds in the summery mood! Available in our bakeries from Thursday 11th May!

If we can’t take our customers to Paradise, we’ll bring the Paradise to you! Come on in and try one for yourselves, we’re sure they will not disappoint!