…Scrumptious, you’re truly, truly scrumptious!


At Friary Mill, we are passionate about our products and strive to ensure that only the best ingredients are used for our pasties, cakes and savouries. Our products are hand made, fresh every single day.

friary mill cocktail pasties


Looking to try our famous handmade in Devon pasty? At Friary Mill…

friary mill cakes


Every day, our skilled bakers caringly create a superb range of scrumptious…

12 inch quiche


As well as a great range of pasties, you can enjoy our handmade in Devon…


Filled Rolls

Our great value filled rolls are freshly prepared with favourite fillings, such as premium ham salad or Westcountry cheddar…


Bread & Rolls

At Friary Mill, we promote the traditional methods of baking. We believe that to make great tasting bread you need to invest…


Delivered Buffets

Delivery is available within the Plymouth and surrounding Devon…



Want something hot, fresh and filling to start your day? Visit our Friary Mill bakeries for a range of tasty and filling breakfast baps. Available until 2pm, and freshly cooked to order, we have a range of handmade rolls and baps…


Fresh Cream Gateaux Weddings

If you need a personalised cake for a celebration such as a birthday or…


Each ingredient is delivered to our bakeries on the day, to ensure that the fresh, crisp flavour isn’t lost. With potatoes pulled straight from the ground, rich meat cut by the finest butcher and pastry handmade at Catte down, every ingredient is cooked in Devon.


Westcountry meat has full traceability back to the field, making sure that we, and you, know exactly what you’re eating.


We’re proud of our food heritage and are proud to use whenever possible Devon-sourced ingredients in our pasties, savouries, cakes and more.